Water pump pulley kits


Part # TCE 250A  Satin Alternator Pulley w/nose                                       $55

            TCE 250AP Polished Alt Pulley w/nose                                             $65

            TCE 250AWB Satin Wide-Belt Alt Pulley w/nose                            $65

            TCE 250APWB Polished Wide-Belt Alt Pulley w/nose                   $75

            TCE 251W Satin Waterpump Pulley w/nose                                     $79            

              TCE 251WP Polished Waterpump Pulley w/nose                           $89             

            TCE 251WWB Satin Wide-Belt Waterpump Pulley w/nose          $89

            TCE 251WPWB Polished Wide-Belt Waterpump Pulley w/nose $99

            TCE 252C Satin Crankshaft Pulley                                                     $59

            TCE 252CP Polished Crankshaft Pulley                                            $69

            TCE 252CWB Satin-Wide Belt Crankshaft Pulley                           $69

            TCE 252CPWB Polished Wide-Belt Crankshaft Pulley                  $79

             TCE 253CH Satin Crankshaft hub                                                       $85

                    Designed to fit our crank pulley and can accept 2 crank pulleys if necessary.

             TCE 253CHP Polished Crankshaft hub                                             $95

             TCE 253CHS 4340 Steel Crankshaft hub                                         $165

                    Recommended for additional accessories or for supercharged applications.

                   TCE 254PS Satin Pulley Set w/Hub                                                    $367

             TCE 254PPS Polished Pulley Set w/Hub                                          $427

             TCE 254PSWB Satin Wide-Belt Pulley Set w/Hub                         $367

             TCE 254PPSWB Polished Wide-Belt Pulley Set w/Hub               $427

                          Hardware included with all sets