Machine Shop services (parts not included unless specified)

Prices may vary due to condition of block and other parts such

as rods, crank, main caps etc.

101F     Removal of broken studs                                                    Hourly rate

115F     Thermal Clean Block                                                                        $125

116F     Acid Clean of Cylinder block, bare (rust removal)                  $160

245F     Modify block for full flow oil filter (includes fittings)               $  75

340F     Magnaflux, Inspect and Pressure Test Block                            $  90

415F     Deck Block on 3 sides (Head surfaces, intake surface)         $160

431F     Flycut Cyl Heads(pr) for oversized valves or highlift cam     $150

500F     Regrind Flywheel Face                                                                     $  36

501F     Reconditioned & Lightened Flywheel with new ring gear

               ( Exchange, core charge $50 )                                                      $155

502F     Regrind Flywheel Face and install new ring gear

               ( Exchange, core charge $50)                                                       $  96

510F     R & R  Flywheel Ring Gear                                                              $  30

610F     Bore and Power Hone block to 3-5/16"  (.125" over)               $225

625F     Bore and Power Hone block to 3-3/8"  (.1875" over)               $260     

640F     Sleeve 1 Cylinder                                                                               $  90

645F     Sleeve each additional Cylinder

              (Price does not include bore & hone of cylinder)                      $  55

665F     Align Bore Mains                                                                                 $125

675F     Align Hone Mains (cut and fit main caps extra)                          $  75

690F     Fit 4 Bolt Center Main Cap, Index, Pin and Align

              Bore all Main Caps                                                                              $260

695F     Index & Pin Main Caps                                                                       $  90

700F     Grind Crankshaft Only                                                                       $135

705F     Crankshaft Mag Inspect, Modify Oil Galleys, Drill and

               Tap Oil Cleanouts, Install new plugs, Grind and Micro-

               Polish                                                                                                     $195

810F     R & R Cam Bearings                                                                          $  55

900F     Full Engine Balance                                                                           $195

1005F   Pin Fit, Assemble Pistons to Rods and Align (set of 8)            $  75

1070F   Recondition Rods, Exchange ($10 core each) Includes

               Resizing big end, install new pin bushings, fit pin, install

               ARP rod nuts (includes bushings and nuts)   Set                      $280

1090F    Beam Polish, Mag & Shot Peen Rods in sets (Each)                $  40

1220F    Drill and Hone Block for Adjustable Lifters                               $  60

1320F    3-Angle Cut on Valve Seats and Lap                                            $180

1350F   Machine and install Hardened Valve Seats (8 exhaust)          $  90

1351F   Machine and install Hardened Valve Seats (8 intake)             $  90

1430F   Throat Ports, Bowl Hog for oversized intake valves   (8)       $  90

1431F   Throat Ports, Bowl Hog for oversized exhaust valves (8)      $  90

               Extensive port and polish, intake manifold port matching

              hog valve bowl area or race prep please call for estimate

1450F   Mild Port, Polish & Relieve block for  1.5" valves                    $595

1451F   Mild Port, Polish & Relieve block for  1.6" valves                    $795

1452F   Mild Port, Polish & Relieve block for  1.7" valves                    $1195

1628F   Assemble Long Block                                                                       $1100

1650F   Test Run Engine, Re-torque all fasteners, Re-adjust

               valves & Tune Up                                                                               $840

1700F   Custom Paint Engine Block and related parts with epoxy

               primer and urethane paint of customer's choice

               (Does not include material)                                                             $270