TCE 150 Series Cams     Tatom Custom Engines Camshaft Grinds   $350 Cam only.

These cams are our own design.  By using popular existing cam designs as a baseline we 

are able to make major improvements for increased power and longevity.  The various grinds

are computer generated and dyno tested for the flathead.  These cams are ground on NEW

cast billet blanks.  They are NOT reground cams.  Grinds are available from stock through

blower motor grinds with everything in between!  Please call for a recommendation for 

your engine.


TCE 150K   Complete  Cam Kit 

includes cam, ss valves, guides, keepers, retainers, springs, lifters ..all parts  $1280


TCE 248F112.320  This cam is recommended for stock heads, single carb applications 248 degrees 

duration .320 lift.


TCE 248F112.355  The same cam as above except for increased valve lift. 248 degrees duration,

 .355 lift.  May require fly cut for valve clearance on stock heads.


TCE 260F112.355   A cam recommended for engines that have been modified with bore & stroke

increase, mild porting with stock valve size, high compression heads, dual carbs, improved

ignition and headers.   Good idle excellent throttle response.  260 degrees duration .355 lift.


TCE 270F114.395  Our best all around performance cam for 255 C.I. or larger engines.  Requires porting

and relieving.  Works best with 1.5" exhaust vavles and 1.6" intake valves, multiple carburation, 

and upgraded ignition.  May require cylinder head fly cut for valve clearance.  270 degrees duration

.395 lift.


TCE 260/270F114.395  Cams can be used with blower or normal aspirated engines.  Cam features shorter

exhaust duration for smoother idle and more vacuum.   Works well with automatics.  


TCE 280F114.425   This cam is recommended for racing applications.  280 degrees duration and .425 lift.

Fair idle.  Requires major engine modifications for best results.  Call us for recommendations